Nadia Alhashimi



Nadia AlHashimi serves as the Marketing Director at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. With a Master of Science and a specialty in market research and technology adoption, she is passionate about equal access to information and minority representation.

After spending five years in the Middle East building a multinational publication and overseeing their digital transition, Nadia became involved in strategy with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees building sustainable technology systems. She returned to the United States to run operations of public service and nonprofit campaigns with minorities and women.

In her free time, you’ll find Nadia immersed in the region’s arts and cultural offerings, and she is committed to ensuring that the cultural scene continues to grow and prosper. She is also enthralled with exploring nature and science, from the biological networks from mycelium neural systems on the forest floor to interdependent infrastructures of ocean life. Remembering that biology often presents models for sustainable systems her motto is “Diversity is key to sustainable systems.”