Katelyn Reagan Denty is a young and passionate leader committed to preserving the rich history of the arts in New Orleans, Louisiana. Born in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Katelyn earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Central Arkansas, where she developed her love of adventure and travel. Her vivacious personality and her dedication to service garnered her many friends and admirers.

Katelyn hails from a family of matriarchs who have left a mark on history, including her aunt, Sandra Thompson Herman. Sandra’s inspiring career as a pioneer in Louisiana politics, advocacy, and the arts has inspired Katelyn to follow in her footsteps.

In January of this year, Katelyn was named Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director of the New Orleans Entertainment Coalition. She will bring new and innovative ideas to the organization. In her former management career, Katelyn led her team through the pandemic with no major losses in business or revenue. The meticulous attention to detail and ability to leverage relationships she learned there will serve her well in her new capacity.

Katelyn’s mission is to leverage music and the arts to unite people from all communities and circumstances. A serious jeep accident left her hospitalized for months at the age of 17; her love of music and the arts greatly assisted her recovery. She emerged stronger but with increased empathy for the disabled population. She believes in creating a vibrant and inclusive arts scene in her adopted and beloved New Orleans, which will include the developmentally disabled.

With her dedication, strong work ethic, and infectious enthusiasm, Katelyn will leave a lasting legacy at the New Orleans Entertainment Coalition and the City of New Orleans.